Auto fans moulds

Auto fans moulds

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The development engaged in plastic moulds, such as automobile, motorcycle, etc. Mainly is produced, the mould products are covered and mould plastics large-and-middle-scaly on the mould,and each field, such as various kinds of blowing moulds, etc. The company introduces more than 30 sets of domestic and international equipment with international most advanced level. The company designs and makes the mould products of different demands according to users' request. Including automobile bumper, other gadget, mud flap, door, instrument platform, etc. Large-scale to mould plastics the mould, at the same time our company still develops and produces all kinds of blowing moulds, such as all kinds of automobiles, the fuel tank of motorcycle, ventilation pipe, etc. The mould main customer who the company develops has: The First Automobile Factory of China of China, the Second Automobile Factory of China, modern, such producers as Kazakhstan flies in common use. And obtain unanimous favorable comments of different factories of the machine many times. The company gets the market at the good service, rational price in line with regarding science and technology as the guide, regarding quality as the core, meet user's demands. Welcome domestic and international customer's writing to us, incoming telegram, messenger to discuss guide, cooperate heartily.

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