autoclaved fly ash brick production line

autoclaved fly ash brick production line

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Zhengzhou Dearye Heavy Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
200m east of No. 107 Auxiliary Rd, Nansan Rd, East Economic Technical Development, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450016, China
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Autoclaved fly ash  bricks are produced use fly ash, lime or cement as the main raw material, adding moderate gypsum and aggregate the mixture preparation, pressure molding, high pressure  maintenance .
We can provide the best autolaved fly ash bricks production line ,the main machine is our  automatic hydraulic brick machine.Like ,DY1250,DY1100,DYS850,DYS430.All our blcok machine have ISO9001 Quality authentication,we have four patent certificate,two scientific and technological achievements appraisal certificate.
Production principle:
At the hot and humid temperature,  A series of hydration products, such as hydration calcium silicate, calcium aluminates hydration, hydration aluminum calcium silicate and hydration sulfur aluminum acid calcium.Constituent materials react with each other, these products all solids cemented together, forming strong overall structure, and make the products have strength of artificial stone.According to the technical conditions of the industry standard of the People's Republic of China: JC239-91  fly ash bricks.

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