Automatic Carbonless Paper Coating Machine

Automatic Carbonless Paper Coating Machine

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--This carbonless copy Paper Coating Machine adopts high trademark damping cast iron wallboard with trouble free damping and stability in order to ensure high-speed operation of equipment. 
--carbonless copy Paper coating machine all the guide rollers adopt aluminum alloy, surface oxidation, dynamic balance handling, small inertia so as to keep little tensile waviness. 
--Tension adopts Japan Mitsubishi closed loop tension control system, reliable performance and conform stable tension. 
--Winding & unwinding adopt air inflatable shaft and convenience for work. 
--Printing adopts non-mandrel air-actuated clamp plate, pneumatic pressurizing, handiness and direct-viewing pressure. 
--Adjustable three-dimension scraper position, twin cylinders pneumatic pressurizing with scraper shifter. 
--Printing register adopts computer register system fast registration and high precision. 
10-zone heating drier, automatic control temperature, digital display, closed cycle hot air form. The upper zone adopts pneumatic cover-opening type, high voltage forcing waste discharging and with chain traction paper passing through mechanism. 
--To guarantee winding neatly, the pendulum roller photoelectricity deviation rectifying system is set at the drier outlet. 
--Before winding, two cooling mechanisms of air-cooling and water-cooling are equipped with. 
--Transmission adopts imported frequency converter, high precision, built in gearbox to ensure normal operation of machine and speed regulating system. 
--The winding adopts moment electrical motor, constant tension & constant linear speed winding.
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