Automatic Hot Laminator Machine(1600MM)

Automatic Hot Laminator Machine(1600MM)

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Higher Quality with Minimal Cost
Save more than USD0.30 cost for every square meter
Fine reducibility of colors, high transparency, without any bubble and snowflakes

Great Yield with Highly Efficient Lamination
Whole 50m roll lamination without askew
Single or unattended operation, 200sqm/h production
No Winkles of thin back film, tight lamination of dark color picture.

Applicable for Low Temprature Heating Cold Lamination
50 degree cold lamination, could completely avoid bubble and snowflakes
Automatic back-film tear-off
Single or unattended operation, 400sqm/h production

Biggest membrana tectoria width: 1580mm
Biggest membrana tectroia thickness: 25mm
Membrana tectroia speed: 0-8m/min
Temperature setting range: 10 degree-140 degree
Rubber roll promotion way : Unilateral linkage promotion
Rubber roll heating way: Infrared internal heating
Rubber roll preheat interval: 10-15 min
Continuous working power loss: 0.8-1kw/h
Fixed power input: 2500W
Fixed input voltage: 110V/220V
Machine weight: 230kg
External dimensions: 2070mm*700mm*1200mm
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