automatic rigid box making line

automatic rigid box making line

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Automatic Rigid Box Making Line BLS600
It is the best equipment for making top grade rigid box.with best designed and great performance. consist of feeder quad stayer gluer spotter wrapper it adopt advanced PLC system photoelectric detecting system precision hydraulic pneumatic deviation correcting system convenience touch screen HMI(human machine interface with Chinese and English version) to finish box output with below process automatic feeding delivery(sheet wrap paper & cardboard) and holt melt glue taping stick four corners of cardboard box paper gluing suction belt conveying positioning cardboard box press auto drawing&catching wraping(forming) box in one time.through machinery hydraulic pneumatic and electric system union control operation to realize automatic produce multiply to improving the work efficiency innovated the traditional rigid set-up box production more than 30 times speed increased that compared with traditional craft.It is suit to make luxury rigid set-up cardboard boxes like shoes box shirts box jewelry box gifts box etc.

1.Feeder to achieve automatic delivery for wrap paper and cardboard feeding.
2.Hot-melting glue system to automatic circulation mix and glue for wrap paper.
3.Hot-melting glue tape to automatic conveying cutting and finish pasting the four corners of cardboard in one time process.
4.Quad stayer to folding glue tape sticking and erecting inner cardboard box and belt converying to named place.
5.The vacuum suction system can keep the wrap paper fix on convey belt and no deviation.
6.The hydraulic pneumatic spotter device combine with precision photoelectric detecting swith to correcting and right positioning the inner cardboard box on wrap paper.
7.the square press tooling can compact each conveying box that under its range make the touch surface between wrap paper and cardboard turn to more neat and smooth.
8.The smart mechanical arms can automatic drawing boxes from the conveyer belt and delivery them to the wrapper's range.
9.The wrapper can continually to turn in edge sides of paper and wrap the inner cardboard box and finish box forming process.
10.This machine adopts PLC control photoelectric tracking system touch screen HMI to realize the automation production process of rigid carton .
11.It can automatically diagnose the troubles and alarm accordingly its problem.

Paper wrap size (A*B)
Amin~Amax 95mm~610mm
Bmin~Bmax 180mm~850mm
Cardboard size (C*D) C 600mm
D 800mm
Paper wrap thickness 100-200g/m2
cardboard thickness T 0.8-3mm
Finished box size (W*L*H)
W*L*H(min) 50mm*100mm*15mm
W*L*H(max) 400mm*600mm*150mm
Turn in deepth Rmin~Rmax:7mm~35mm
Position precision about 0.5mm
Production speed under or about 35 sheets/min
Paper pile height 300mm
Cardboard pile height 1000mm
Electrical power 18KW/380v/3phase
Glue tank capacity 60L
Air consumption 12L/min0.6Mpa

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