Automatic Trays Sealer with Cards loading system

Automatic Trays Sealer with Cards loading system

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SME Automatic Equipment Ltd.
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Zhong cun zheng, No. 3 Zhong yi fei e ling gong ye qu, Guangzhou shi, Pan yu qu, 511495, China
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Quality machines to complete the blisters heat sealing & cutting, especially fitting for mass production.

Auto Cards Loading system was applied on the blisters packaging machines. Increasing the production capacity
Automatic Cards Loading system
The blister cards can be automatically feed on the heat seal moulds.
Increase the production capacity.
High efficiency sealing
Unlike most blister lines, which use the traditional thermo sealing method, the SME machine also offers the possibility of heating sealing.  This method is perfect for heavy products, thick films, and to obtain minimal sealing flaps.
Wide range of materials and type of packs
The machine is characterized by the possibility of creating any kind of blister, whether it´s plastic-cardboard, plastic-plastic, a second layer of paper, double blister, clamp shell, trays for boxes, etc.
The machine also works with any type of PVC or PET blisters, etc.
The SME machine has been especially developed for high productions as well as for short series.  This is one of the most appreciated characteristics because many contract packer companies require lot of format changes due to a so varied demand of their customers.
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