BaiEr High Quality Drywall Joint putty

BaiEr High Quality Drywall Joint putty

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Product Details

wall putty 
Mixed Jointing Compound
Mixed Interior Wall Putty
Weight:25 kg /Bucket
Mesh: >280
Product features:
1) Containing no toxic substances, healthy 
2) Environmental friendly. 
3) Easily available and efficient to apply it on the wall directory. 
4) No wastage of water curing 
5) User friendly and enables the mason/worker to get the desired results 
6) Free from shrinking and cracking 
7) Ensures full strength on setting 
8) Shows excellent adhesive qualities with the surface 
9) The appearance is very attractive- light, flat and smooth surface, and a good back base for painting 
10) Has a good impact strength 
How to use
1)This product is suitable for all the coats for hand and machine application. Slightly stir Before use and directly apply to plasterboards or interior wall. 
2)the interior wall or plasterboard surface must be clean, smooth and firm, dry and without dust or oil. 
3)After it dry fully, then it can be painted 
4)Cover tight the lid of barrel or close the bags after use 
5)Tools: Interior wall putty is applied using a trowel, and daub the putty to the interior wall in average state
1. The packing: In 25 kgs/barrel. 
2. Life time: 8 months. 
3.The whiteness degree:90% .
4.dry time :3 hours 
5.Use quantity:1 m2 drywall or ceiling area for 1 kg putty.
BKD # 622159

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