Baier High Quality Water Resistant Gypsum Board

Baier High Quality Water Resistant Gypsum Board

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Shandong Baier Building Materials
Ziqiu County Baier Road, Linyi, Shandong, 273305, China
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Water Resistant Gypsum Board/Waterproof plasterboard :
Product features and specifications:
1. High water-resistant performance, national waterproof test:float time up to 24 hours.

2. High strength, advanced glass fibre add-technology, over national standard 20%.
3. Safety and environmental. Using nature plaster powder as materials.
Size (mm):
1200*2400  1220*2440  1200*3600  1220*3600  1200*2500  1220*2500
(special customization provided)
Thickness (mm): 9mm,12mm,15mm
Edge: red paper-faced square edge and tapered edge
Packing: 70/80 per pallet, or in standard container by hand
BKD # 622165

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