Ball Mill Liner

Ball Mill Liner

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Three characteristics:
1.High wear and impact resistance
With scientific and reasonable formulation of alloy elements, the high manganese steel liner is multivariate micro-alloying on the basis of the original high-manganese steel, then it has good physical and chemical properties, such as the hardness HRC52-56, the impact toughness value larger than 150J, using life is more than twice as high manganese steel. So it can tolerate a huge impact strength. In a long-term work it can keep lining surface state so ensure a stable increase of more than 5% of production.
2. High strength, high toughness 
By using the special quenching medium agent with thermal stability in the quenching process, high manganese steel liners combine high strength, high hardness and high toughness perfectly, which can satisfy high wear resistance and high impact loads process requirements.
3.High cost-effective, strong adaptability
Through the reasonable alloying elements and advanced process of our company, high manganese steel liner has a high quenching hardness, high toughness characteristics. So that it not only has good wear resistance, but also shows excellent price compared with the ordinary liner. It can adapt to mine wet grinding, dry grinding, mixing mill and etc. High manganese steel liners use advanced heat treatment process and change the height of ball mill s peak, trough. These all help improve grinding rate of ball mill and increase the 20% of machine-hour capacity.
Rong Mao is Ball mill liner, high manganese steel ball mill liner, magnetic liner, mill lining manufacturer in China.

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