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bamboo engineered flooring series

bamboo engineered flooring series

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bamboo Engineered made by gluing a real bamboo veneer to a core board made of either plywood or high density fiberboard. Because of this construction method, engineered hardwood is more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood. In other words it will not contract or expand as much due to changes in humidity or temperature.

advantages of HDF core
great dimensional stability particularly in variable climatic conditions.
improved performance with regards crushing and impact,eliminating risk of splits and deterioration in the surface.
machining precision which
-improve clipping facility between boards
-increase the strength of the interlocking system resistance to pulling apart.
-guarantee perfect joins between boards on four sides and reduce the risk of warping between rim.
thanks to its high density,improve sound resonance and reduce sound transmissions between rooms
guarantee even surface appearance to reflect the evenness of the board in contrast to battened boards

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