Barrier Gate (BG21)

Barrier Gate (BG21)

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1) Manual button: up, down, stop;
2) Optional wireless remote control: up, down, stop; lock and unlock operation for manual button;
3) Unlock automatically and raise the arm manually as power off;
4) Self-diagnosis mode, convenient for maintenance and test;
5) Optional digital vehicle detector with automatic falling, anti-hit or automatic raise functions.
6) Optional ceiling and 4 traffic lights for road charge;
7) Optional optical isolation long-line driver, connecting RS232-C serial communication port of the computer, which makes it control barrier gate completely.
8) Adopts photo electrical coupling, contact-less and zero-crossing conduction technology,no spark and interference for main control panel working stably.
9) With protection for up-and-down over time and over temperature, it can prevent abnormal damage.
10) Adopts mechanical position switch for power-off protection.
11) With wide range single phase power input (160V-260V), it's suitable for severe charge environment.
12) With precise four-bar mechanism, the arm can rise lightly and pause gradually, making
it operated within 90 degrees without accident.
13) Adopts full automatic tracking balance mechanism to make static torque of arbitrary position become zero, decreasing driver power and extend working time to greatest extent.
14) The machine case uses advanced waterproof structure and anti-aging outer covering processing, durable and color-fast.

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