Batch Ball Mill

Batch Ball Mill

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Batch ball mill introduction:
Batch ball mill, also known as a one-time feed mill, is one of the mill products of our company and mainly used for material mixing, grinding. The finished product is characterized by uniform fineness and power savings. Either dry grinding or wet grinding is available. The aircraft can use the steel liner plate or silica liner, to meet different needs. Motor auto decompression start to reduce the starting current, and its structure can be divided into the overall style and detached. This product has less investment than similar products, energy saving, the novel structure, easy operation, use of safe, stable and reliable performance characteristics, suitable for general and special material mixing and grinding operations.

Batch ball mill application:
During dressing production, only a very small number of ore after crushing, screening can be directly sent to smelting, while most of the ore has to finely ground to 0.1-0.074mm even finer, so that the useful minerals to achieve monomer dissociation, and after sorting can be sent to the election smelting. Therefor grinding job is very important in the dressing production process. If don't have mineral monomer dissociation , then would not electe good grade of powder. In our dressing production, the mill common used for grinding operations, is ball mill, rod mill, and autogenus tumbling mill. In addition , extensive use of various types of mill in building materials, chemicals, electricity, ceramics and other industrial sectors, such as tube mills used in cement plant for finely ground raw materials and clinker, Ball Mill is used in thermal power plants for pulverizing coal to act as fuel of boiler.

Use of the batch ball mill in the aerated concrete equipment:

Fly ash (or sand, stone dust) by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, belt conveyor are carried into the mill, then pulverized fly ash (or sand, stone dust) with fly ash pump is sent to the slurry tank storage.
Lime by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, belt conveyor into the jaw crusher for breaking, broken lime by the bucket elevator into the lime storage bin, and then by a screw conveyor into the mill, the materials are finely ground. Finally by screw conveyor, bucket elevator, finished product is brought into the powder ingredients positions.

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