Battery Power Modbus GPRS Data Logger

Battery Power Modbus GPRS Data Logger

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GS828-LSA  is a modbus flow meter Data Logger for data capturing,data acquisition system.  It uploads weather alert by sms/gsm/gprs..

It is a Low Power GPRS Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with numerous Input and Outputs.
Its sleep mode provides average 2 years non-stop operation with internal battery.

* RS232/485 Modbus Interface
* 1 Temperature Sensor
* 2 Analog Channels
* 4 Digital Inputs
* 4 Pulse Channels

Data is logged from Modbus Meter and uploaded via GPRS or SMS.
Its internal 64KB memory logs more than a year data for one record each day.
Data can be uploaded to server at once a day to save power.
Flexible data logging interval starts from 1 minute up to 24 hours.

1) Real Time GPRS and SMS Data Upload
2) Integrated 16 bit MCU & Siemens GPRS Module
3) Programmable data input type & alert hi/low
4) Programmable Data Upload Interval & Logging Interval
5) Easy setup via RS232 by PC software
6) Remote Setup by SMS or GPRS
7) RS232/485 Port support data capturing from Modbus devices
8) Support Dynamic Domain Name or Fixed IP, UDP / TCP protocol data transmission
9) Internal high capacity battery

Free Software:
[1] Data Logger Setup software is bundled for routine configuration via SMS remotely, or via RS232 port locally
[2] Data Logger Centre software is also provided for receiving data via GPRS.
[3] UDP/TCP Testing Tool is provided for easy communication testing and user development

* water pipes network real time monitoring - water in and out temperature
* oil/gas pipes network, pump stations
* underground water level real time monitoring
* environmental monitoring system - wind/temperature/humidity/CO2/pressure
* remote Industrial Equipment Monitoring
* rural Equipment Monitoring e.g. Power Plant
* measuring equipment data capture and report via SMS/GPRS
* Food, storage, transport industry, building management
* Agricultural, laboratory, medical industry
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