Bauxite ceramsite sand production line

Bauxite ceramsite sand production line

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Bauxite ceramsite sand ( Petroleum proppant ceramsite sand ) production lines used equipment mainly include crusher, batching machine, ball mill, circular vibrating screen nd other equipment. With high temperature, high pressure, high strength, conductivity, corrosion resistance and other features, it is mainly used in oil well support in order to increase the yield of oil and gas, an environmentally friendly product. In addition, it is low-strength proppant alternatives such as natural quartz sand, glass balls, metal balls and others , has a positive effect on yield oil and gas. Is currently the one of the greatest demand of ceramsite sand varieties, also known as oil fracturing support agent ceramsite sand.

Jiangsu Zhongbo introduces for you below vanadium alumina ceramic sand production process.
Mining bauxite block degree is generally around 300 ~ 500mm, containing a small amount of water. Generally use the jaw crusher, hammer crusher to form two level crusher system, and its size is control less than or equal to 8mm.
Bauxite, manganese material are transported to their respective databases, each bin set a speed belt weigher to realize the material automatic dosing.
General using drying and grinding ball mill, equiped with a high efficiency separator to form a closed circuit system so that the grinding efficiency is high.
Raw material is sent into the disc granulation machine. Meanwhile, the flow meter can measure water, through pipeline pump to spray water into the inside of the disc granulation machine. Rotation of the ball machine can make balls of various size.
Feed the pellet into the rotary kiln with a certain slope of calcination, and with the rotation of the rotary kiln, pellet scroll to the kiln head, pulverized coal from the kiln hood sprayed into the kiln for burning, pellet in the rotary kiln to be calcined into  high strength ceramsite sand.
6.Finished cooling
Rotary cooler is commonly used in cooling of the ceramsite sand with simple and reliable work.
Ceramsite sand out of cooler can be directly transported to the multi-level vibrating screen, divided into more than one particle size grade required.
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