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beam detector

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is the best equipment to protect your house safe. It can be installed in the yard, 
building surrounding or two sides of the yard door, especially inner balcony to 
substitute metal structure. It gives you beautiful feeling.It will alarm at once and 
dial the pre-set alarm numbers.

1, The emitting bundle is shutoff by the object diameter of 20cm 
2, The working elements as bellows: Several unvisible defense bundles from the 
remitters forms protection network. The buzzer of the receiver will hoot once 
any bundle is shut off for over 40ms and then the alarm host will send out the radio 
alarm. The remitting will think it is normal and will not send out the alarm signal to 
alarm host when a small animal such as bird, dove jump the protection area because 
they only shut off one infrared remitting bundle.


1, Dormant defense and protection baluster makes the burglar found in no any sense.

2, Complete defense ability: It can detect any activation of the burglar

3, Good interfereproof characteristics: It wound not occur wrong report for 
the insect and other mall animal.

4, Strict anti-destroy ability: It will output the alarm signal once the power or 
cable are cut.
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