Billon vertical machining center

Billon vertical machining center

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Billon vertical machining center

Shenyang Billon Technology Co., ltd is a modern enterprise which is specialized in the numerical control equipment development, Production, Sales, Industrial automation and precision machining. We have CNC friction stir welding equipment manufacture ,CNC Vertical Lathe, CNC Inverted Lathe, CNC Horizontal Lathe, Vertical Drill &Mill Machining center, Horizontal Drill& Mill Machining center and so on. Our annual output can reach 200 million yuan.
  Our company's business policy is product quality and customer service. We have guarantee high quality ,At the same time, We also provide a set of complete "turnkey" project and a set of after-sales service measures. Our main purpose is get user trust and satisfaction.

Features of Billon vertical machining center:
1.	The machine body is designed according to the principle of computer CAD/CAM ,and has excellent rigidity.
2.	Workbench uses imported high-quality meehanite resin sand with high shock absorption and gravity.
3.	Triaxial rectangular guide can achieve high precision linear motion after high frequency quenching treatment.
4.	Preloaded installation of big lead precision rolling screw and precision angle of ball bearing made grinding more accurately.
5.	Friction pair and fillet are attached with Turcite-B wear plate, which has good abrasion resistance , high precision , flexible stable movement.
6.	We improved the effect of dustproof ,cooling and ventilation with fully enclosed electrical cabinet, high power motor drive .

Product use of Billon vertical machining center:
 Vertical machining center of Shenyang Billon Technology Co. ,ltd is widely used in automotive , construction machinery ,electronic industry , aerospace and so on . The vertical machining center can complete drilling, milling, boring, expansion, reaming ,tapping and other process with a clamping. It can save time and improve the precision.  
After-sales service in Billion Group:
We provide one year free warranty service for our products, CNC lathe , machining center , CNC special lathe and other equipments. Warranty period is according to the date we sign at the equipment acceptance cerficate.
During the warranty period, if there is any problem with the quality of our equipment, we take all responsibility to repair or replace .

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Contact person : Ms Jv
Address: No.1 factory , China Machine Tool City, 36-1 Hongrun Road, Shenyang ,Liaoning ,China
BKD # 752593

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