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Optimizes your energy balance

Too much coffee?

Looking for better focus and more energy?

The BioHealthChip®-Energy has a positive influence on your mood, memory and concentration.

It provides more energy at both mental and physical exertion.
At sports you may notice a more smooth muscle coordination.

The effects can be instantly when using the BioHealthChip®-Energy.

As an added bonus, when you travel, you will notice that the effects of jetlag are greatly reduced or eliminated, leaving you clear-headed and energetic for your business or vacation trip.

How does it work?
When you first put on your BioHealthChip®, it becomes personalized
by to your body's own frequency, delivering the results you need.

Your BioHealthChip® becomes personalized to your frequency. For this reason, it should not be shared with other people.

How to apply?
The BioHealthChip® is to be worn around the neck so that the triangle rests on your breastbone, right at the solar plexus, with the magnetic strip in contact with your skin. It can be worn day and night.

Women, you can also attach the BioHealthChip® to the bra or wear it inside the bra, as long as it rests against the skin. However, do not use a metal safety pin!

The BioHealthChip® should not come in contact with water, precious metals or magnets.

If you are on medication, please do not stop taking it right away. We have cases where people were successful in reducing and discontinuing their medication, but this is to be done gradually and in consultation with your health care professional.

Side effects: None.
The BioHealthChip® is also suitable for: people with a pacemaker, pregnant or lactating women, and for children.
Depending on the individual condition of your body, the overall effectiveness will vary from person to person. You will realize the maximum benefits up to 4 months.

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