BIPV Mono Crystalline Transparent Solar Modules

BIPV Mono Crystalline Transparent Solar Modules

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BIPV, Building integrated PV,is widely used in modern building curtain wall to reduce building energy comsumption.
Architectural aesthetic: Through design,junction boxes,cable hidden in the curtain wall structure,does not affect the exterior of the building,to achieve the purpose of building the perfect combination.
Architectural lighting:By adjusting the arrangement of cells to reach a specific transmission rate, to comply with the requirments of architectural glazing.
Safety performance:Made of two or more sheets of tempered glass and photovoltaic PVB,with a excellent impact resisitance, durablility,light transmittance and security.
Convenient installation:BIPV is double glass components and glass curtain wall closely intergrated. Installation techniques and methods are the same as the ordinary glass curtain wall. It can fully meet the convenient installation requirements.
Long service life:BIPV Glazing Solar Module used in the PVB ratio of EVA has better heat, cold,moisture and anti-aging,impact resisitance, so that the components have a longer service life.
Green:BIPV componernts combined in the building, do not need to occupy the land area,noise free,pollution free.BIPV buildings can be spontaneous personal use electricity,reduce costs and loss power transmission.

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