bite alarm(DC2007)

bite alarm(DC2007)

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This product is a hi-tech product. It will give sound and light alarm when a fish bites, and the signal will be sent by wireless signal receiver. Therefore, the purpose of watching many fishing rods by one person can be easily realized.
1. The product consists of two parts: bite alarm and wireless signal receiver. Bite alarm could be disposed flexibly according to the requirement of the customer. Usually, one wireless signal receiver will be disposed with 2-4 bite alarms.
2. The bite alarm has two blue alarming indicator lights. The lights will blink for 30 seconds and alarming signal will be given while it alarms.
3. The sound volume, tone and 3-grade sensitivity of the bite alarm are adjustable.
4. Wireless receiver can receive alarm signal from afar (up to 200 m). The volume can be adjusted.
5. The bite alarm has the function of automatic energy-saving. Its power consumption is very low. Two 1.5 voltage batteries can be used for more than one year.

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