block bottom valve bag making machine

block bottom valve bag making machine

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This is the functions and specifications of block bottom valve bag making machine.
(1)This machine delivers multiple functions and is suitable for serving the needs of packs made of thin, light, soft, thick .weight and firm materials .easy adjustment is needed to change the machine to serve the needs of paper packs, compound materials made packs or plastic woven packs,lt is equipped with a two tier pasting unit and two sets of pasting channels .thus known as a versatile model .
(2)It is able to get geared to a wide range of bag width ,length and bottom width thanks to its feature flexible adjustment of dimensions .thus , it is able to produce packaging bags of varied specifications for containing cement , chemical fertilizer ,foodstuff , raw chemical materials .feedstuff , starch ,asphalt ,coating ,and other particle ,grain , slice .wadding layers .have an open or sealed(i.e. valve port bag ) neck ;in addition , the bag bottoms may be furnished with or without an added layer (bottom paste ),in order to solve the pollution by glue in the manufacture course of plastic woven bags ,the production technique of this machine has adopted effective anti-stickiness measures .
(3)Considering the actual conditions in china and those demands of developing countries which may be our prospects, we absorbed advanced techniques from developed countries thus to enhance the machine technological performance and make it well suited to clients needs. Complete machine under computerized control .featuring a mechanical electrical integration
(4)Automatic alarming and immediate shut-down kin case of bag blocking or other fault .automatic sorting and discarding in case of such serious defects as different specification on the upper and lower ends of a bag ,automatic rejecting of valve port patch and attaching of bottom patch in case that no bag fed in , Automatic separation of glue applying rollers at all positions from the working era and automatic gluing in case of temporary shut-down , automatic control of temperature in the drying passageway , automatic switching of hot air into the non-working area in case of temporary shut-down ,automatic counting , coding and bag out loading .

Block Bottom Valve Bag Making Plant-Cement Bag Machine Equipment,
Model SHK700A
Capacity : 40-60 pcs/min
Length of bag: 650-1020mm
Width of bag: 450-700mm
Bottom Width: 90-180mm
Power: 76KW
Weight: 60T
Overall dimensions: 28000X3800X3500

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