Body Slimmer System

Body Slimmer System

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Body Slimmer System
Type: BS-S1

Body Slimmer System adopt the most advanced figure sculpture principle, combine many sophisticated techniques to recover the skin to normal metabolism balance, With its curative effect and outstanding function, that technique acquired the favor of the consumer quickly, become so popular in Europe, America, Japan and many other countries. Now it is the first choice of figure sculpture.

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We supplies jetpeel skin rejuvenation machine (water-oxygen machine) , Laser breast enhancer, Intense Pulse Laser skin rejuvenation, Hair removal, tattoo removal, RF thermage skin rejuvenation, wood lamp etc.

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The basic principle of Body Slimmer System is that it makes use of the computer control of deep attraction heading up epidermis, leather and deep skin next the fat layer to bring up, it makes use of different combination pull the system at the same time to the deep skin next the vacuum force that organization give the dissimilarity direction, pull the dint, push the dint and crowded dint, these four kinds of resultant forces of dint can keep on sex ground thorough fat organization, skin next organization, lymphoid circulation and the blood circulation system, make the fat cell of passive sport behind turn into fatty acids, reduce the beehive organization the fat of the organization accumulate to gather, thus making figure along with skin next organization of pare thin but change. And stimulate the tiny and circulating and lymphoid circulation of the action vein at the same time, become mildewed in the cell in the lymphoid system to eject the body, thus remove the dropsy, make skin tight with the result that combine the full of flexibility.

Treatment Range

-- Figure sculpting

-- Reducing the fat of skin texture, dropsy

-- Improve the body, the face skin character and flexibility

-- Improve the postnatal period gestation vein

-- Figure recovery after the surgery of absorbing the fat

-- Tight skin, make the skin thin

-- Wrinkle removal

-- Improve the black rim of eye

-- Eliminating toxin, build up body

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