Bolt Chipper

Bolt Chipper

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Cangzhou Zhongbo Heavy Industry Machinery&Equipment Co.Ltd
Fuzhuang Development Area,Botou ,Hebei,China, Cangzhou, Hebei, 062150, China
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Product Details

A.	Passed ISO9001 &UKAS Certification
B.	Made of Aluminium bronze/copper
C.	Highly polished
D.	Explosion-proof,Non-sparking 
E.	Anticorrosion
F.	Antifraying
G.	Surface HRC>25ยบ
H.	Tensile strength range from 75-85N/mm2
I.	Soft,tenacity belt can grab the surface without hurting 
Product specifications
No.	L(mm)	L(inch)
01	300*425	12"
BKD # 207156

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