Breakaway U-channel Post Anchor

Breakaway U-channel Post Anchor

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Lap splice breakaway U-channel posts are frequently used as street sign post. Breakaway U-channel sign support is perfect for busy intersections. Once top post is broken by an accident or huge impact, the broken one will be replaced by a quality one just by unscrewing the hardware without digging holes again. U-channel anchor post can be reused for many times. 8 ft top post often accompanies with 3 ft anchor post. Top post and post anchor are sold separately. U-channel breakaway system contains a top post, base anchor post and hardware. Hot-dip galvanized coating or baked-on green or black enamel coating protects the post system from corrosion and improve durability.

Except lap splice post, concrete mounting base is also use in U-channel breakaway system. It can be used as permanent post anchor or movable base. You can find it in U-channel sign post hardware.

NOTE: The height of base anchor post above ground should be no more than 4 inch and the hardware for attaching should be spaced 4 inch.

Green breakaway U-channel post construction and hardware.
BUC-01: Breakaway U-channel Post and Hardware.
Product description:

Item: Breakaway U-channel base post.
Material: meets ASTM A1011 Grade 50, ASTM A-653.
Length: 3 ft.
Weight: 2 lb/ft.
Finish: galvanized or green enamel.
Kits: Including a 3 ft base, baked enamel or galvanized upright post and relevant hardware.
Hardware Description:

Hardware includes:
2 bolts and locking nuts.
2 washers.
4 square spacer nuts.
Only for lap splice U-channel breakaway post.
Features & benefits:

Upon impact, the top post breakaway and replace the post without digging a hole.
Base post can be re-used after top post breakaway.
Quick installation save time and money.
Galvanized or baked enamel coating resists rust and weather corrosion.
Economical cost & durable.

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