Brightening agent for concrete

Brightening agent for concrete

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Brightening agent is used as an additive of colorized pavement tiles / bricks which is made from Melamine Sulphonate Formaldehyde Resin. It can promote & strengthen color, brighten the colorful surface layer and prolong color keeping time to tiles.

Appearance: White powder or colorless transparent liquid
Water content (powder) (%): 3 max.
Solid content (liquid) (%): 38 +/- 2
PH value (20degree C., 20% solution): 9+/- 1
SO4 content (%): 2.6
Chloride content (%): 0.03--0.04

Powder, 20% solution & 40% solution

Increase concrete early strength;
Shorten mold take-off time;
Make tile surface bright, clean, without color difference / spot;
Enhance Tile surface self-clean ability;
Wide suitability to cements, gypsums and other admixtures

1. For manufacturing artificial marbles & terrazzo and improving the color effect of decorative concrete.
2. It is mainly used in colored cement, white cement, and ordinary Portland cement to produce the colored road face tiles / bricks and the colorized cement tiles or other colored concrete products which are needed to improve their surface to be bright and clean.
3. It has water reducing and enhances early strength for cement mortar. It can quicken the model turnover and improve the percentage of quality products.

Powder: Plastic sealed bag, 25 kg per bag.
Liquid: 200 kg / drum
Store in dry place and keep it in original sealed bags.

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