Briquette Activated Carbon

Briquette Activated Carbon

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Shanxi Gobon Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. ( GC )
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Steamed bituminous-coal based virgin briquette activated carbons with mesh sizes (4x8, 8x30, 12x40, 30x100, 200, 325...) mainly used for drinking water & waste water & flue gas treatment, decolourization and etc.
Product     Size: 4x8, 8x30, 12x40, 30x100, 200, 325...
Iodine     (min): 800-1050mg/g
Moisture   (max): 5%
Ash        (max): 15%
Hardness   (min): 90%
Apparent density: 480~530g/l                     
Methylene blue(min):150 mg/g
The products can be provided according to the customer's special demands.
1.Big bag: 500kg/600kg PP Bag. 
2.Small bag: 25kg kraft bag or PP Bag.
3.Packed according to customer.
BKD # 731930

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Please contact the supplier directly about stock, packaging, shipping, delivery, return policy and payment details.

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