brown fused alumina oxide powder

brown fused alumina oxide powder

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Fused Alumina (also known as Corundum or Aluminium Oxide) is the family name for inorganic compounds with the chemical formula Al2O3. Fused Alumina is made in electric arc furnace by passing a current between vertical carbon electrodes. The heat generated from this procedure melts the alumina feedstock.
Brown Fused Alumina is a dense material produced from bauxite raw material. The end product has a low iron content making it particularly valuable in refractory applications.
Brown fused alumina uses:
A. Refractory & Foundry
Brown Fused Alumina is utilised within the refractory industry for the manufacture of high alumina fired and monolithic refractory products like bricks, pre-cast shapes and also foundry applications, where the addition of Brown Fused Alumina helps to obtain a smooth surface finish in investment castings.
B. Abrasives
Within the abrasive industry Brown Fused Alumina is a valuable addition to products like abrasive papers and in shot blasting applications.

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