CAA-118 Coating Anti-settling Agent

CAA-118 Coating Anti-settling Agent

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Brief Introduction: 

CAA-118 coating anti-setting agent is brown liquid, anionic type, low solubility in water, as anti-settling agent in ink, paint and coating.
Quality Index:

Appearance	brown liquid
PH	260-320 mgKOH/g
Content	 90%

Density	0.85-1.20 g/cm3
Viscosity	40-75 S (25 )


CAA-118 coating anti-settling agent adsorb as thick covering on the surface of pigment, effectively prevent pigment from agglomerating and precipitating.
not improving the viscosity of system.
Especially applicable for low-viscosity coating system.
Perfecting loose color and blur of broken-color coating.


Ready-mixed paint of phenolic aldehyde, alcoholic acid paint, amino paint, acrylic paint, polyurethane paint, etc.
BKD # 622704

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