cable puller

cable puller

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cable puller
Cable conveyor/Cable laying machine/cable laying equipment is ideal for pulling diameter 50-140mm cable by driving it through two caterpillar tracks that grip the wall of the cable with rubber shoes. Using an electrical control pendant, the operator could fully remote control the pusher . This pendant is connected to the unit by 5 metres of cable so as to allow the operator to observe and control the cable pusher from an optimum vantage point. All parameters of the pusher are adjustable to give the machine the largest possible envelope, maximise its versatility and ensure that cables are not damaged through bruising or buckling. .Its main structure: two motor, one reduction box, traction head and up frame,etc
Model No. Motor Power (KW) Convey Diameter(MM) Rated Force(KN) Pull linespeed
DCS-3 0.75X2 40-140 3 8
DSC-5 1.1x2 40-160 5 8
DSC-5B 1.5X2 40-180 8 8

cable puller

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