CaFe cored wire

CaFe cored wire

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We are pleased to introduce it to you as follows:
Cored wire technology is the new developed treatment technology out of furnace in recent years. Using alloy cored wires can purify impurities to improve the machinability and operating quality. Using alloy cored wires can remarkable minimize alloy consumption, cut down steel-making costs and maximize profits.
Advantages of using cored wires are:
1. Changing the content and form of impurities to improve the mechanics performance of steel;
2. Reduce or avoid the blocking of nozzle and preventing air being brought into the liquid steel;
3. Increase and stabilize alloy elements recycling rate. practice proves that Calcium recycling rate is 1-3% through normal method,5% by spraying powder, but 10-30% increase by wire feeding technology;
4. Wire feeding technology can make fine adjustment of the chemical composition of the steel (for example: B&TI);
5. The liquid steel treated by wire feeding technology is stable and well-mixed. Secondary oxidation will be avoided.The mixture will speed up to float.
Category: SiCa wire, SiCaBa wire, FeCa wire, AlCaFe wire, C wire, 30 FeTi wire, 40 FeTi wire, 70 FeTi wire , BFe wire, pure Ca wire, pure Ti wire, pure Mn wire, SiCaAl wire and powdered aluminum wire.etc.
Specification: 4mm,9mm,13mm,14mm,15mm,16mm
Coil type: horizontal, vertical; inside pay off and outside pay off
Size of coil: ID: 520mm OD: 1120mm Width: 1050mm
Packing: Plastic shrink (anti-proof)+cage(steel-structured)+pallet steel-structured cage and then joint on Pallet. Can pack according to the special requirements.
We can also produce the wire according to users special requirements.
Please kindly confirm us whether you are interested in dealing with our cored wire products, if positive, then please let us to revert with our best price and availability.
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