Calcium Formate

Calcium Formate

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Calcium Formate, as a new type feed additive recently invented home and abroad, is widely applied. It can be used as acidity agent instead of lemon acid and fumaric acid, and as anticorrodant & mildew preventive to substitute calcium propionate. It is applicable to the feed stuffs for all kinds of animals, preventing diarrhea and helping digestion, especially to kid pigs. Calcium formate, after biochem procedure, will release some formic acid, which will reduce the PH value in the stomach and intestine, thus preventing the growth and generation of malignant bacteria, and at the same time favoring the growth of acidophily fermentation organisms to protect the intestine mucous membrane from the invasion of toxin. The formic acid will also chelate with the minerals in the feedstuff, enhancing the digestion of these minerals, and activate the propepsin, help absorption of the essence of feedstuff.
Besides, Calcium Formate is also widely used in the food, chemical, construction, leather tanning and petrol manufacturing field. While added into the cement, it will accelerate the speed of solidation; while be used in peroral agents, it can cure the lack of calcium of human body. Most of the medicine for curing lack of calcium is made of calcium formate. At the same time, it is also a very good kind of growth regulator of crops.

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