car mp3 player(build in flash)

car mp3 player(build in flash)

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In usually we have to use earphone to enjoy the mp3(mp4) music which is not very safe when driving.
Now we can offer the car mp3 player and you can enjoy the music freely without earphone in the car.
1)New car mp3 player :build-in flash (128M-1G) for MP3
2)Use the plug-in car lighter as the power supply free;
3)Change audio signal into FM signal and transmits wireless,andYou could enjoy mp3 music in u-disk via car radio without earphone;
4)Car wireless patent technology: making the disturbance from outside,the sound effect is wonderful, extreme music experience;
5)Car sound transfer: Two interface for mp3
Connected to many frequency equipments,
like MP3\PDA\CD\DV\Portable DVD etc;
6)Good memory function: can remember the song played last time;
7)Two FM channel 88.9MHZ,107.9MHZ, needn't change FM channel to make
sound good. The good sound effect is stable;
8)Support MP3 etc format;
9)Four Press on NEXT\PREV\PLAY\CH. CH Press adjust
the channel setting;
10)USB high-speed;
11)Fashionably, unique design and own outlook patent too;
12)Radiation distance: 3-5 meter( best effect );

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