Carbide Gun Drill Blanks

Carbide Gun Drill Blanks

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Carbide Gun Drill Blanks
Gun drilling, invented in Europe more than two centuries ago, is the process of drilling deep, straight holes in a variety of metal alloys. It was first invented in order to make long, straight gun barrels, hence the name gun drilling
The gundrilling process and tooling have been refined for maximum performance and use on modern, dedicated machinery. Firearms continue to be a common application for gundrilling. Other industries include diesel fuel components, medical tooling, plastic injection molds, and more.

Our decicated engineers and skilled staff enable us to provide the best Cabide Gun Drill Blanks for the market domestic and abroad:

Single hole Carbide Gun Drill Blanks 
Double Hole Carbide  Gun Drill Blanks
kidney holes Carbide Gun Drill Blanks

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