Casting Steel ball Mold

Casting Steel ball Mold

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This is used to manufacture casting and grinding steel ball. It is made up of two parts: one is the body of the mold.the material is ordinary cast iron.the other is the ball core. the material is high silicon heat-resistant cast iron. The same type of mold can be interchanged at will. and the ball core can be replaced after wear. The ball core can use up to 6000 times more. continuous use for two and a half years above.

  The mold has good performance in exhaust and high-yield .The mold design uses the chilling process. which takes metal mold to produce casting ball and then chilled in high temperature and low molten steel.
The main characteristic of the process is to make the mold refined more closely.

Casting ball has precise size .smooth surface. beautiful appearance. good wearable performance. no disorder mold. no shrinkage.high utilization of molten iron.
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