Caulk Strip for Wall & Countertop

Caulk Strip for Wall & Countertop

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Product Details

For use between wall & contertop.
Mildew resistant
Provides a long-lasting, watertight seal

1. Clean area thoroughly and keep it dry. 
2. Measure the length of the area to be sealed to determine the correct length and cut the strips accordingly. 
3. Take out the strip, measure again and mark on the strip with the pencil. 
4. Peel the first 2 inches of backing paper and press the caulks strip into the place. 
5. Continue to peel the backing paper for 2 inches once along the length.  
6. While installing, press firmly over the length of caulk strip to ensure a watertight seal. 
7. For the best results, protect area from water for at least 24 hours.

22mm(width) x 3.35m(length)
Available in different colors and sizes, and for other applications.
BKD # 205884
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