CBB81 High Voltage Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

CBB81 High Voltage Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

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CBB81 High Voltage Foil Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor
High Voltage Metalized PP Film Capacitor, High Voltage Film Capacitor
Manufacture Supply CBB81 High Voltage Polypropylene Film Capacitor
Polypropylene film dielectric with aluminum foil as outer electrodes and vacuum evaporated metal layer as inner series electrode, radial leads of tinned wire are electrically welded to the contact metal layer on the ends of capacitor winding, epoxy resin coating.
High corona staring voltage
High current rating and high DV/DT
Series electrode construction
Self healing properties
Excellent frequency and temperature characteristics
Low lose, small inherent temperature rise, high reliability
Negative temperature coefficient of capacitance and good stability
High pulse rise rate (du/dt) and suitable for large current circuit
Special series construction for high voltage and long term ability
High stability of capacitance and DF versus temperature and frequency
Widely used in high frequency and high pulse, large current circuits.
Suitable for the high pulse and high current loading circuit, Buffer, connecting switch, high voltage power supply device, electronic lighting ballast, energy saving lamps
Specially designed for horizontal resonance circuits of color TV set and large screen monitor, suitable for high pulse and large current loading circuit
Reference standard: GB/T1479 (IEC60384-17)
Temperature range: -40~105C
Climatic Category: 40/85/56
Capacitance Range: 0.001-0.039uF
Capacitance Tolerance: +-2 %( G); +-5 %( J); +-10 %( K)
Voltage Proof: 1.75UR (5s)
Dissipation Factor: <=0.1%,20C,100v, 1min
Insulation Resistance: >=50000M (20C, 100v, 1min)
Life Test: 1000hours at 85C at 150% Rated Voltage
Rated Voltage: 1000V, 1250V, 1400V, 1600V, 2000V, 3000V, 4000V
Capacitance: 1nf/3000V/4000V, 1.2nf/2000V/3000V/4000V, 1.5nf/3000V/4000V,
1.8nf/3000V/4000V, 2.2nf/3000V/4000V, 3.3nf/3000V/4000V, 3.9nf/3000V/4000V,
4.7nf/2000V/3000V/4000V, 5.6nf/2000V/3000V/4000V, 6.8nf/2000V/3000V/4000V,
7.5nf/2000v/3000v, 8.2nf/1600V/2000V/3000V, 0.01uf/1400V/1600V/2000V/3000V,
0.012uf/1600V/2000V, 0.015uf/1400V/1600V, 0.018uf/1250V/1400V, 0.022uf/1000V/1250V, 0.027uf/1000V/1250V, 0.033uf/1000V, 0.039uf/1000V

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