CBN Grinding Wheel For Internal Grinding

CBN Grinding Wheel For Internal Grinding

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Main features of CBN grinding wheel for internal grinding:
High efficiency,High workpiece precision,Good workpiece consistency,Long life time

Application of CBN grinding wheel for internal grinding:
Hydraulic tappet of automobile motor
Pump stator of automobile
Roller, cylinder, flange cover of air-condition compressor
CVJ ball-cage, inner and outer raceway
Grinding of Inner and outer faces of Ball & Roller Bearings;
Grinding of Bores of Inner Rings
Grinding of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders
Grinding of Con-rods ends in the Auto. Industry;
Grinding of Gun Barrels,
Grinding of Gears Bores, Collects;
 Diamond / CBN Vitrified Bond Internal Grinding Wheels(1A1,1A8,1A1W,1B1) 
 We can also produce grinding wheel mounted points/ grinding head special for air condition compressor,

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