ccam wire

ccam wire

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Changzhou Lingdi Metal Products Co.,Ltd .
No.58 yingbin road cuibei industrial henglin town, changzhou, jiangsu, 213000, China
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Our company specializes in manufacturing copper clad aluminum (CCA), and it processes advanced process technique and excellent equipments to produce CCA and CCAM with world standard "cladding welding drawing method". At present, we have 7 production lines with perfect testing equipments to enable the products to meet with SJ/T11223-2000 standards. The company has an annual capacity of over 3,000T copper clad aluminum wire with the specification of (0.10mm~3.0mm).The major products include: Copper Clad Aluminum Wire (CCA), Copper & Magnesium alloy wire(CCAM),Special Wire for Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire, Copper Clad Aluminum fine Wire. Our factory has established complete quality guarantee system and conducted the production strictly according to regulations of International Quality Management System Standard.

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