CD-108 Coating Dispersant

CD-108 Coating Dispersant

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Brief Introduction: 

CD-108 coating dispersant is yellowish transparent liquid with slight acidity, form latex in water. When used in ink, paint and coating, it is helpful to disperse pigment and filling, shorten grinding time, prevent pigment and filling particle from agglomerating, thickening and precipitating.

Quality Index:

Appearance	white or yellowish transparent liquid
PH	4-6
Content	 90%

Density	0.80-1.10


CD-108 coating dispersant can itself ionize to charged radical with various structures, improve wetting property of pigment and prevent pigment and filling in coating from precipitating and agglomerating, helpful to re-disperse.

CD-108 coating dispersant is of weak acidity, especially effective for mixing system of pigment and filling in broken-colour coating.
CD-108 coating dispersant shows excellent effect on the dispersion of carbon black, effectively eliminating the white mist on the surface of black paint and eliminating loose color and blur caused by matching color between carbon black and titanium pigment.

Can effectively eliminate the bloating of pigment and filling in water-soluble coating, reduce the viscosity of system, and improve the addition amount of filling in base paint.
CD-108 coating dispersant has certain antiprecipitation effect, can use together with organic bentonite to produce excellent pre-gel.


Ready-mixed paint of phenolic aldehyde, alcoholic acid paint, amino paint, acrylic paint, polyurethane paint, etc.
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