CD60 AC Motor Start Electrolytic Capacitor

CD60 AC Motor Start Electrolytic Capacitor

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CD60 AC Motor Start Electrolytic Capacitor
Motor Start Capacitor, CD60 Motor Start Capacitor, CD60 Electrolytic Motor Capacitor
AC Motor Capacitor
Cylinder Bakelite or plastic case, pins out lead
Good insulation, high strength, not easy to break
Good sealing at terminal, solid
Non-leakage, can withstand large external forces
Stable parameters, reliable quality, long life
Small volume, light weight, Large Capacitance
CD60 Series capacitors are developed and researched according to standard of American Electronics Association (ANSI/EIA-463).The external case of the capacitor is made of Bakelite plasticized that its character are not only good insulating resistance and strong resistance damaged but also protecting electro-liquid as good sealed feature. It is popular used for the super AC application as good life, higher degree of reliability and stability.
Product type: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
Capacitance: 20~1600uF
Capacitance tolerance: -10~+30%
Rated Voltage: 110-330VAC
Operating Temperature: -40~+65C
Dissipation Factor : tg<= 0.10<=0.15(20C, 100Hz)
Load Life: According to the difference working Voltage and capacitance, alternation
0.5-4 minutes turn on 1 time for second, 12500~50000times, According
To the ANSI/ EIA-463-B Standard
T-T (VAC): Apply 1.2 times rated voltage for 2 seconds, no breakdown.
T-C (VAC): 2000VAC 10 seconds, no breakdown.
Case type: Aluminum case and Bakelite case are available
Rated Voltage: 110Vac, 125Vac, 165Vac, 220Vac, 250Vac, 330Vac
Capacitance: 21-25uF, 25-30uF, 30-36uF, 36-43uF, 43-52uF, 47-56uF, 53-64uF, 64-77uF, 72-86uF, 88-106uF, 108-130uF, 124-149uF, 130-156uF, 145-174uF, 161-193uF, 189-227uF, 216-259uF, 233-280uF, 243-292uF, 270-324uF, 324-389uF, 340-408uF, 378-454uF,
400-480uF, 430-516uF, 460-552uF, 540-648uF, 590-708uF, 645-774uF, 708-850uF,
720-864uF, 800-960uF, 815-978uF, 829-995uF, 850-1020uF, 1020-1224uF, 1175-1410uF,

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