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ceramic fiber blanket

ceramic fiber blanket

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ceramic fiber blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket made from common, high pure, zirconic, chromic aluminium silicate fibre, after the process of needling, thermoforming, crossbar cutting, rolling up ,etc. which is through double-sided needling operation by using spun technology. Needling blanket in different size and thickness provide users a wide range of material selection to gain the best heat insulation structure and energy saving effect.

Low heat strong capacity, Low thermal conductivity
Excellent thermal stability and shock resistance, resist devitrification at high temperature
Excellent tearing resistant
Excellent insulating performance, fire prevention and sound absorption
Doubleside needling operation produces tough, resilient and strong blankets, which resist tearing both before and after heating.
Easy cutting and installation

All kinds of industrial kiln linings(hot surface and back lining)
Furnace body expansion joint, furnace door,top cap seals
High building fire proof and heat insulation
Thermal resistance component of auto industry with
High temperature filter media
Insulation for field stress relieving of welds

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