Ceramic sand production line

Ceramic sand production line

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Ceramic sand is referred lightweight artificial construction aggregate, its wide range of sources of raw materials, according to different raw materials can be divided into ceramic clay, shale ceramic sand gangue ceramic sand and Lytag.

Ceramic sand is processed of clayey raw materials into tablets or grinding into a ball, and then burned inflation from artificial lightweight aggregate bulk density ceramic sand (> 400kg / m3); bulk density can be divided into general, ultra-light to bulk density haydite (400 ~ 200kg / m3), ??special light bulk density ceramic sand (<200kg / m3). The particle size can be divided into ceramic sand (> 5mm) and ceramic sand (<5mm).

Ceramic sand with a series of excellent performance, lightweight, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, high strength and are widely used in high-rise buildings and large span building works. It not only can reduce the weight of buildings by 30-40%, but has a good seismic performance. ceramic sand concrete is construction adaptable and easy to bond with the stucco material.

Ceramic sand heat, frost, acid and alkali, corrosion and thermal expansion coefficient and low performance, but also widely used in highway, airport runway pavement material, can also be used as thermal insulation, sound insulation, heat insulation wall materials and heavy oil dehydration and industrial water filtration materials. Consistently with the depth of the wall material innovation and building energy efficiency policies, the ceramic sand became the leader in the number of new building materials.

Feedstock for the production of ceramic sand

The chemical composition of the raw material in general need to include three types: One is as Dow component, SiO2, 3/4 Al2O3; Second Flux ingredients, Na2O, K2O, Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, etc., in the chemical composition of raw materials SiO2 53 ~ 79%, Al2O3 10 ~ 25%, and of the solvent is 13 ~26%. Usually the choice of raw materials in this range has good swellable, the ultralight high strength ceramisite of good performance can be manufactured.

Rotary kiln calcination process

Rotary kiln process production ceramic sand, its main feature is that it can produce the ultralight and high-strength ceramic sand, binder general shale, clay or gangue.

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