Ceramic tiles golden plating plant

Ceramic tiles golden plating plant

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1The system is equipment with a centralized control device PLC,a computer automatic gear-shifting vacuum gauge, a three-flow controller, a PIDtemperature control device, four side-installed heating tube, a suit of bias power supply,15 set contra-variant arc power supply

2 it is special equipments for ceramic tiles industry(such as coating gold tiles, silvery tiles, imaginary color tiles)

3 Features:The gold membrane coated tiles or silver memebrane Bright delicate, coating speed, simple operation, equipment stability, and the production of high-end decorative tile an indispensable prerequistie equipment.

4 Ceramic vacuum plating machine is high efficiency ,harmless and pollution-free . It has the features of fast deposition rate, great ionization rate, big ion energy easy operation, low cost, large productive capacty etc.

5 It's mainly used for ceramic products to get gold, brown, silver and chrome coatings.

6 The principle of vacuum electric arc ion coating is intergrating cold cathode, arc discharge Self-sustained light, ionization plating material with pulse technique to improve depostion particle energy and survival rate and the properties of the film. It can coat on the surface of the metal as well as nonmetal.

7 Applied industry:It can be used to coat metal film, titanium nitride titanium carbide, and

zirconium nitride, chromium nitride and titanium, nickel,chromium, copper and other

compounds film, multi-layer super-hard film,nitrogen-doped titanium film and the alloy film, titanium nitride mixed with gold-plated titanium nitride film.

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