Ceramsite Production Line

Ceramsite Production Line

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Ceramsite has the characters of small density, lightweight, heat insulation, thermal insulation, superior fire resistance, good anti-seismic performance, low water absorption, frost resistance and good durability, impermeability performance, strong adaptability, good ornamental effect. It is widely used in many fields such as oil fracturing support agent, building materials, refractories, insulation materials, water purification, horticulture, food and beverage, chemical industry and other departments, whose extensive application continues to expand.

Raw Materials of Ceramsite:
Requirements on raw materials of ceramsite production is not high and materials are almost everywhere, for example: clay, slate, mudstone, shale, coal gangue, fly ash, mud and industrial solid waste can be done for ceramsite sand raw materials. No matter what the raw material used for the production of ceramic sand, basically can be divided into material homogenizing, granulating, baking, cooling process.

Ceramsite Granulation Process:
According to material types and characteristics, the granulation processing technique :
1.plasticity process technique
2.the mud into ball technique
3.grinding into ball process technique
4.crushing process technique

The main equipments of ceramsite production line:
Including raw material storage bin, a dust settling chamber, a draught fan, the main rotary kiln, pulverized coal injection system, control cabinet, etc. The feeder at the bottom of raw materials warehouse, kiln speed and arch coal quantity are all stepless speed regulation, in order to adjust its parameters and in the premise of ensuring product quality to obtain the maximum yield.
The ceramsite production line distinguishing features:
1, reasonable layout, process flow, high degree of automation;
2, mechanical joint control operation, low labor intensity;
3, the calcination parameters of real-time monitoring, firing good quality products;
4, output to energy consumption rato is high , low running costs.

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