Chain Link Mesh

Chain Link Mesh

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Chain Link Mesh is also named Diamond Wire Mesh and Rhombic Wire
Chain link mesh: Chain link mesh which used low carbon steel wire is simply a woven steel wire fence coated with zinc to prevent rust, commonly referred to as galvanized fence. 
There are two kinds galvanized type, electrical galvanized and hot-dip galvanized.
Electro Galvanized Chain Link mesh With 7-15G per Square Meter Zinc Coating;
Hot Dipped Galvanized Chain Link mesh With 35-200G per Square Meter Zinc Coating.
Uses: Chain link mesh enjoys quality materials, uniform openings, smooth surface, nice appearance, thick wire gauge, good corrosion resistance, etc. mainly for fencing for sports field, river banks, construction and residence, also animal fencing. Especially be well suitable for a wide range of application, for example for enclosing Lawn, Road. Steel diamond mesh has a heavy galvanized coating to ensure a long life
Packing: wrap up the two edges of the crimpled rolls with the plastic weaving bags
BKD # 622170

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