Chemical raw materials silicone oil used for smoothing agent and softener

Chemical raw materials silicone oil used for smoothing agent and softener

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Basic characteristics
Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
Ionic nature: slight cationic / non ionic
Solubility: can be dissolved in any proportion of water
Properties And Advantages
This product is a high efficient smooth softener, less dosage, especially suitable for polyester fiber, cellulose fiber, nylon, protein fiber and its blends handle feeling treatment;.
After the treatment of polyester fiber, good handle feeling ; smooth and soft ; fluffy;
Suitable for continuous process techniques, will not stick roll;
Does not contain APEO
This product is of high concentration softening agent,used after diluting 4-5 times (1:4-5), without emulsifiers, Any proportion of water to dilute, stirring evenly, and then slowly add the remaining water, emulsion is a colorless transparent liquid.
After diluting, the product can be used by exhausting method and continuous padding method
Exhausting : 2-4%(OWf),30-40°C/15--30min; PH=5-7
Bath ratio: 20-40
Padding: 10-40g/l
Package And Storage
50kgs or 120kg per plastic drum.Should be stored in a cool ventilated warehouse, to avoid sun exposure, the storage period is two years

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