chicken slaughter machine

chicken slaughter machine

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JIASHIQI's product range covers the needs of small, middle and large-scale processing companies, from single processing stand-alone equipments to complete processing equipments .At present, the capacity of one complete poultry processing line which has been using by our customers can be up to 12000 chickens or hens,5000 ducks and 3000 geese per hour. Moreover, our processing equipments have also been applied to processing the large birds, turkeys and small birds, pigeons. Our product range consist of:
1,Live birds reception unit
2,Scaldling and defeathering unit
3,Waxing and de-waxing unit(specialized in geese,hens and ducks' processing)
4,Line for manually eviscerating
5,By-product(feet,gizzard,etc) processing unit
6,Water and air chilling unit
7,cut-up and deboning unit

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