Chicken Wire Mesh Used in Garden as Fence, Raised Bed, Trellis

Chicken Wire Mesh Used in Garden as Fence, Raised Bed, Trellis

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Although the wide use of chicken wire mesh in chicken protection, chicken wire mesh is no longer just for chicken anymore. The distinctive feature of chicken wire mesh is its hexagons. And benefited from its light weight, it is found gradually that chicken wire mesh might also apply wonderfully to various garden applications.
Chicken Wire Garden Fence
Garden fence is commonly used to screen out the unwanted animals and pets like rabbits, rat, deer, neighbor dogs or cats out in a friendly way. Compared with welded wire fence and expanded metal fence, chicken wire mesh is lighter, inexpensive. Compared with chain-link fence, chicken wire mesh is not easy to unravel. Therefor chicken wire is an better option for medium security needed places. Nevertheless, the selection of type and specification of garden fence is determined by your garden circumstances and intruder you want to deter.
Galvanized chicken wire mesh used for surrounding garden has usually 1 inch opening between two 20 gauge twisted wires. Stretching wires are added every 50 cm to increase the structure stability of the hexagonal wire mesh and then protect your plants. As for its selvedge wires, we take one or two threads of greater diameter than that used for the net.
Before putting the chicken wire fence up, a trench should be created for the underground chicken wire installation. With the help of this underground chicken wire, no bunnies can dig holes through the vertical fence and get into the interior of your garden in secret. Or we could directly putting chicken wire on the surface of earth to create an illusion of intimidation.
A small fence is made to protect three boxes of plants.
GUCWM-01: Rolls of chicken wire mesh could be cut into small panels and then be nailed into planks individually.Chicken wire mesh with vegetables inside and flowers outside.
GUCWM-02: Chicken wire mesh could be used without being cut and then fixed into wooden posts as a whole.
A chicken wire mesh is fixed on the wooden frame and a trench is created for deterring gophers.
GUCWM-03: The bottom of the chicken wire mesh is placed in a pre-dredged trench to prevent rabbits and gophers.Chicken wire mesh is spread on the earth and planks is linked together above the chicken wire.
GUCWM-04: Chicken wire mesh could be put on the earth with out digging trench.
Recommended specification of chicken wire garden fence:
Manufacture: galvanized before weaving for durability.
Wire diameter: 20 gauge.
Mesh opening: 1 in.
Height: 18-36 in.
Length: 150 ft. (46 m).
Available substitutions for chicken wire garden fence:
Chain link mesh makes itself a fence of garden with four blocks of plants in.
GUCWM-05: Garden fence used chain link mesh is available.Welded wire mesh is used as garden fence to protect vegetables.
GUCWM-06: Garden fence used welded wire mesh is available.

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