China alternator cold extrusion products core for GM and Korean Erae

China alternator cold extrusion products core for GM and Korean Erae

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The magenetic core product made using the same cold-extrusion production process as for connecting element with claw poles in an alternator for automobile. It is used for alternator rotor. It is made by high quality carbon steel (material S10C) with cold forging processes. We can produce magnetic core which diameter from 89 to 110. We can produce and supply it per your drawing.

Cold extrusion features a massive forming process to produce both hollow and solid blanks in a multistage production process (multistage pressing).Presses with a very high closing force carry out cold forming of the material under a high pressure until the desired shape is achieved.
The material is extruded there by application of a high pressure. An upper die presses the blank through a forming and cross-section-reduced die orifice - the mold.
Longkou Dayuan, is able to make products with complicated geometry and a high forming degree.
Advantages of cold extrusion process:
high dimensional stability
excellent surface finish
continuous fiber flow line thanks to forming
efficient process for mass production

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