China Eyedrop filling and sealing production line

China Eyedrop filling and sealing production line

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      This line ensemble is produced by imported advanced technology that integrates mechanics,electronics,and pneumatics into an organic whole of technology.It is a newly developed Ophthalmic lotion filling line taking the leading place.The line ,being an initiative in our country,consists of LP automatic bottle unscrambler unit,XP rolling bottle ringser unit (two processed by water cleaning and one by compressed air),HX Ozone sterilization stoving trunk,GP accumulator,YG2/80 eyedrop liquid filling unit (with stopper inserting and capping mechanism),DJ light inspection unit  and LT vertical labeling unit.The equipment has won great reputation form numerous customers home and abroad for its high automation,high speed,universal adaptability and excellent stability.This line ensemble can complete automatically and successively different tasks such as bottle orienting,water/air cleaning,preliminary air drying,Ozone sterilization stoving,liquid filling,stopper inserting,capping,light inspection,label sticking and batch number marking.The line filled up blanks in the manufacturing of the similar equipments in our country and has obvious got superiority over similar products home and abroad,indicating the strength of our company in designing and manufactruing such equipment . The line can perfectly meet GMP regulations for pharmaceutical production.It can also perfectly take place of any imported equipment. 
Main techincal parameter:
Appliance for bottle eyedrop bottle and other similar bottles
Filling dosage 2~25ml
Production capacity single filling nozzle 40-60bpm
                                  double filling nozzles 80-120bpm
Tolerance of filling quantity less than±1% standard
Yield of stoppering more than 99.9%
Yield of capping more than 99.9%
Air pressure 4-6kg/cm²
Water pressure 3-4kg/cm²
Air consumption 30m³/h
Water consumption 0.6m³/h
Total output less than 6Kw 
Power source 220V 50Hz
BKD # 206091
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