China hot sales ice hockey training equipment / artifical ice skating rinks

China hot sales ice hockey training equipment / artifical ice skating rinks

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Description of UHMWPE synthetic ice rink 
UHMWPE is a strong wear resistant material with many applications about including bunker linings.UHMW-PE is easy to install and is maintenance free once in place.The liner is designed to protect the bunkers,extending the working life significantly.
The higher molecular weight is what gives UHMW-PE a unique combination of characteristics making it more suitable for many applications such as agriculture,medical,printing,boatboard
The UHMWPE synthetic ice rink is made from UHMWPE(ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene ) which is refer to the linear polyethylene whose average molecular weight is more than 1.5 million .There is almost no difference between the real ice rink and the synthetic ice rink but the synthetic ice rink have incomparable advantage in cost.At the same time , our rinks can be installed nearly anywhere and used in all weathers.

Standard size of Huao synthetic ice rink floors 
1220*3000mm or according to your requirement
BKD # 789187
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